My Weekend

My weekend was almost productive. A was out with Iambe over on the Island scrapbooking (and what she did looks like it’ll turn out really cool too! Must take a pic of it when it’s all done…) so I was left alone. I managed to get to the gym a bunch (three times total) which is good cause I’ve been slacking or my workout time has been superseded by other things. I got the car washed. I went shopping. I got my car insurance renewed (supid ICBC bastards). I bought new underwear.

ICBC never sent me a letter like they normally do telling me that my insurance was going to need renewing soon. So on friday I realized “shit, something important is happening on the 20th of this month…” and finally realized it was me driving without an insured car. So I boot it down to the bank after work (which has an autoplan brokership there), write and deposit a big company paycheck to me to cover the expense, and try to pay. Take out limit exceeded on my debit card. Damn. Come back tomorrow.

Saturday morning. What an ordeal. I started as normal, surfing my comic sites and slowly waking up. At one point I noticed that there was some fuzz on the edge of the screen, a bit of warbling, could have been a futz in the monitor, or could have been a flicker of shadow from the curtains as they were blown about by the fan.

“Ok,” thinks I, “I’ll degauss just to be sure.” So I do and suddenly all the windows and text on the screen have horrible streaky shadows heading off to the right. Not a good sign 🙁 So I switch video modes, switch computers (the monitor in question was on a KVM), go to text mode and back… nothing.


So Saturday morning, after going to the gym and before hitting ICBC, I headed to Futureshop, as the monitor was out of warranty by 2 days (coincidence or design, you make the call). They basically said that the choice was up to NEC to accept it or not, but chances were they’d say (paraphrased) “screw you Alan.” So I said I’d go home and call them, plead my case, and come back with monitor if I could convince NEC to take it (Futureshop will send it off to them). To end this saga instead of jumping back to bitching about ICBC, I came home and basically reset all the monitor cord connections (just before calling NEC luckily) and suddenly everything was back to normal. Yay.

Anyway, after leaving Futureshop I hit ICBC again (with checkbook in hand) and dealt with them. Lucky me, my yearly premium jumped $300!!! Apparently they went up in January, and since my car is oft-stolen, I get screwed. This is right after they made a big deal about dumping their most costly customers. Of course, instead of reducing rates, these changes have to trickle down. Joy. In the mean time, I’m out an extra $300. Thanks.

So after getting this done, I did the shopping, car washing, and even took a walk around Mill Lake and shot a couple of rolls of film, some just experimenting with different settings, which I wrote down for each one so I could see what happened for each (the problem with a non-digital). Went home, did some cleaning, met up with Muckhead for some stuff, watched some movies….. it was all good.

Sunday was a bit of a repeat, started off at the gym, got my film back, did some more work and movie watching. Don’t remember much else.

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