Now that’s a Happy Cat

Last night the fire alarm in the building went off at 5am, which sucked. Getting dressed and going and standing in the front of the building to wait for someone to turn off the alarm wakes you up more than enough to make it hard to get back to sleep right away, like you could if you just get a glass of water or something. When I finally did get back to sleep I had some messed up dreams as well. It could have been much worse though, A was up till something like 4am doing a sewing project and only was in bed an hour before the fire alarm went off.

When I got up 50 minutes after the alarm clock first went off (sorry boss, that’s why I’m late), I found that Corny had once again taken advantage of a sunbeam coming through the window onto the bed. This time I was fast enough to catch a few good ones of him with it, playing around with locking the focus on the sunbeam (and underexposing the cat) or on the cat and washing out the rest from the sun. He of course left before I could see the results on the computer screen and try again.

The shot I have up above is actually a copy/inspired-by one from a photography magazine that was focused just on an outstretched paw in macro mode which threw the rest of the cat out of focus, and had a really cool look. This one though I think definately shows a happy cat.