Where do you people come from!?

Looking through my logs a bit I noticed some very strange referrers. A couple of sites (maturewomangallery.net and theinceststories.com, neither of which I have any desire to visit) seem to be the sites that are set as the referrer for the IP The ip only makes a request for “/“, and doesn’t load any other images or anything. The server is a freeBSD server running standard mail/web services, possibly doing virtual hosting. I haven’t done a whole lot of recon into the server, I just want to know why I have some 337 hits from this IP with that referrer. Web-bug or something? Another referrer I see is the above sites with a parameter of my URL. Maybe a web-bug or something? Maybe I should just filter it with a REJECT rule and see what happens.

I hate it when my referrer logs talk dirty to me.