Ups, Downs, and a Photo

Well, the box (naked) got an upgrade last night from a PII-200 to a Celeron 533 (the one that ran for ages) so it was down for a bit last night. Today will be down (and therefor mail, etc) due to Paralynx moving to a new office around 6th and 6th (or so they say). The box was shut down a few minutes ago and should show up again in a couple of hours (<fingers crossed>). I just hope that the bounced mail goes through to the secondaries. Apparently the IP changes for haven’t propagated yet (still!) and pinging it from work here I still get:

[alan@localhost alan]$ ping

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

From ( icmp_seq=1 Time to live exceeded

Not sure whats up with that, the change went in a couple of days ago. Stupid DNS servers. The IP should be resolving to

Anyway, on your right you’ll see a very happy cat. Corny really enjoys stealing my office chair… he’ll jump up on it and roll over on it with a very distinct “you will now scratch my belly stupid monkey” look. He also seems to like the spinning he gets from his momentum. I managed to snap this one of him by setting the camera mode to the preset “slow” mode, resulting in a 1s exposure time at f/4.5. I tried a few other shots but couldn’t get the same cool effect. Oh, in the gallery for yesterday there are some really nice cloud shots and panoramas that I got coming of work in the evening. Man I love this area. Note that the gallery pointed to is probably going to be really slow generating the thumbnails… that’s my computer, not yours, and the fact all the images in there are at full size and not reduced size like a sane person would put in.