A Night Rated “Arrrrrr!”

Yesterday was one of those days. The boss was quite happy I didn’t take the day off to catch up on sleep, because we still haven’t released. Headed home and Cat5, Firefly, Iambe and I headed out to see Pirates of the Caribbean (again for all but Cat5). It was a good movie, made more so by the now-increased attention placed on things like costuming, swords and whatnot from the recent SCA event (which I’ll write about RSN).

After the movie it was home to update some stuff for work to try to get it fixed up enough we could release without looking like bone-heads. I have started to appreciate Mason more now. I managed to write an engine for a choose your own adventure game in about 25 lines of code and HTML (and it wasn’t very complex HTML). Kinda cool.

Came in this morning and one of the girls from upstairs came down and was wondering if I knew anything about the door. “The door?” “Yea, someone switched the handle on the door so you don’t need a fob to open it from the outside.”

Since they put in a new security system here we need our keyfobs to open the main outside door and then as well an inner door that separates the rest of the building from an inner room with a big ass expensive machine. Of course, to get to my office and the rest of the dev area we need to go through that room.

Anyway, the outer door to that area also requires a keyfob to open it up, and the handle has been set up in such a way that it can be opened from the inside but not the outside (unless you swipe your fob). Apparently someone switched the inner and outer handles at some point. I wonder if it’s a prelude to an inside job or a quick fix to make things more convenient.

Now to wander off and get more stuff going. Hopefully I can sit here in the dark (I hate floresent lights compared to the lack thereof) for a while before someone…. oh, never mind, so much for that idea. Whose brilliant idea was it to hook the lights up in such a way that the ones over my desk have to be turned on if the lights in the womens bathroom are on?

2 Comments on “A Night Rated “Arrrrrr!””

  1. Regarding “lights that you don’t want on”
    The hallway outside my office is “always on” and annoyed the heck out of my eyes… I have since disconnected the floresenct bulbs within, and left a note with “Please Leave OFF” on the cover, so you can read it when looking straight up.
    That and talking with the building maintainence boys keeps my eyes from going bloodshot before 4p.

  2. I just use to climb on the desk and undo the bulbs. Then I told the janitors and management that I didn’t want them fixed.
    Now that my new cube has a switch I just leave it off. Of course I still have the moron who comes by and says “oh your in the dark let me turn the lights on” and then flips the lights on and I then tell them off while the people around me laugh.