On Gay Rights

LMB has a really good article and links on gay rights and thoughts on what makes it such an issue. I have to agree that I’m with him in the “who the fuck cares” category.

3 Comments on “On Gay Rights”

  1. With all of this same sex, gay rights, or whatever angle you look at the issue from, I lay it all down to this:
    I don’t like anything shoved down my throat!
    This is not a bad choice of words, I have had friends over the years that are of many race, colour, creed, and no doubt many different sexual preferences. I just don’t like anything forced on me. I am heterosexual, but you don

  2. Well said dude. A great quote from a comedian on the abortion debate who said something like this (paraphrased):
    “pro choice or pro life? Both have really good names. I like choice. I like life. However, both these groups of people would trample over a homeless guy to get to their rally”.
    Or something like that. Might have been George Carlin, not sure though.

  3. YES! Trample the homeless guy. There are too many homeless types cluttering up our streets! Trample them all!
    (or did I miss the point?)