Memories in Print

Via Darren Barefoot comes a place called Echo Memoirs which will basically create a book of your [whatever] where whatever appears to be baby/wedding for the majority.

Nifty idea. I’ve always been one for remembering the past, be it in my head or by pictures or whatever. I don’t think that all the things I want to remember I want to be put in a book form, but it’s a cool idea. Kinda a high end form of scrapbooking (which Firefly did a couple of weeks ago).

Note to self: get off ass and work on organizing pictures, both physical and digital.

2 Comments on “Memories in Print”

  1. No kidding…. a bit pricey eh? I was thinking that something like this would be an awsome gift for a wife, child (when old enough to appreciate it) or my parents, and I’d even pay a couple of hundred for it, but $1000 is a wee bit high. Hell, that’s almost 2 iPods!