Dirty Graphics Stealers

I went to this page to find out who was linking directly to an image I have. After throwing a “please don’t link to my images directly” message (I had this happen before) I hit the guestbook they had to leave a message there as well.

Ahhhh! My eyes! Scrolling text, backwards, forwards, sideways, changing cAsE! Why do people do things like that! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

8 Comments on “Dirty Graphics Stealers”

  1. Change your picture man!!! Do it! goatse.cx?? Nah, too cruel. How ’bout just a graphic “Host your own pictures” in Multi-case bright pink letters or something. I’d say make it a big graphic, but that’s a waste of your bandwidth. Also, I can’t read your message on their guestbook either. I try to view the 3rd page of comments and it comes up with an error about the account being locked or too many messages.

  2. I didn’t even try to view more than the first page of the guestbook… hurt my eyes too much 🙂
    Last time I changed the image to a huge one (fuck the bandwidth!), but I did it a day or two after I emailed, just to be “nice”. However, if I still see it in a day or two, something large or nasty or both (though that might not be noticed…) will be put in place there, or just a 404.

  3. wait, what is the moral difference between linking an image so that it is viewable (what the site did) and linking a site via a hyperlink (like the posters here did)?
    Seems to me that both are doing what the internet was intended to do: share information.
    The problem with linking an image from another site should not be that the person is doing it, unless they are abusing their privelage (like, a commercial site using other peoples’ sites to make money and let the other guy get hammered). The problem with anyone linking offsite is that they can’t control the image. Of course, that is a problem with hyperlinking in general.

  4. Engel – the former uses my bandwidth, the latter doesn’t. It’s not a huge deal like I said, but it is part of being polite on the net to not use other people’s bandwidth. I’m honored that someone would want to use the image actually, but using it in such a way is simply, IMHO, rude. Feel free to copy the image around that’s fine and dandy, just don’t use my bandwidth 🙂
    Raskal – you sick bastard. I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on it, I really did, but I just couldn’t help myself. Now I have to go and rip my eyeballs out.

  5. raskal – Thanks, now I don’t need to buy lunch 🙁
    Al – What’s the end of the story then? Have you switched pics to something suitably obscene?