FeedDemon Kicks Ass

Been playing around with FeedDemon, a windows RSS/news aggregator and have to say I’m quite impressed. Wish there was a Linux version. About the only thing that is missing is to be able to blog to movabltype or the like from within the program. There is support for “blogging tools”, but I assume that it is referring to programs installed on the computer, which I don’t have. Maybe in a future version though, as this is only a beta.

Incidently this is written by Nick Bradbury, the original author of Homesite, a kickass HTML editor that I learnt most of my HTML on back in the day. Well, it was kick ass until it was bought by Allaire and got that “we’re going to put every feature we can and make tiny buttons” makeover. The current version is owned (or at least published) by Macromedia and looks a bit less obnoxious.

Feeddemon will actually run under Linux via WINE, if you have IE 6 installed in your fake windows filesystem (running using the crossover office install allows this easily), but it’s not perfect. The browser component (an embedded IE window) does work to browse with, but doesn’t seem to want to load the news item you click on. Very strange. Gives me more ideas for when I write my own kick ass super do everything RSS news aggregator for Linux though.

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