Male Bonding and Evasion Techniques

I was referred to in my dear friend Iambe’s column today as hunka hunka burning butt. I’m honored.

And yes, men will stubbornly stick together even in the face of the most logical of logic. If another guy is there then we have one other person to come up with plausible explanations for whatever we are being accused of (wrongly of course), so that while one is talking the other can be thinking around the next question. However, when alone, and faced with a determined female, we often crumble faster than you can say “foo”. The smart ones will say something “hey, what’s that?”, point over her shoulder and run in the other direction as fast as they can. This technique is especially useful when encountering such questions as “am I getting fat?” “does this dress look ok?” “Hows my hair?” or the like.