Out Pimpin’ the PimperZ

I realize I haven’t posted any images lately, and while I can’t match the coolness of Tig’s latest offering, I have a few that have accumulated that need mention.

Cat5 (whose watch can be seen here) and Iambe have been over lately sewing up a storm for next weekend, when we’ll be all heading over to the island for (another) SCA event. They wandered over around 7 tonight and as no one had had dinner yet, we headed out to C-Lovers Fish & Chips which boasts not only quite a cool waitress, but also all you can eat fish and chips (and not the kind with the inch of batter on them). At an intermediate “oh my god there’s a 50% off of 50% off sale” stop (where Cat5 showed all his just received book) there was a flurry of buying.

As we got out of dinner I saw Elvis. Yes, you heard me right, a 20 foot inflatable Elvis straddling a Shoe Warehouse (which had rows of sandles for sale) and a Tom Lee Music. Even when it got a bit darker (well, a lower ISO was used), the king still loomed. A bit disturbing actually. Not as disturbing as Sleep Country though, who are truely evil and only matched in evilness by their evil leader, Christine McGee (anyone who knows me knows I refuse to listen to their ads on TV and would gladly nuke the whole chain out of existance for no reason other than their horribly painful ads and my complete lack of mental stability).

Anyway, the main part of this story is this: On the way back to my place we pulled up beside a couple of punks in a lowered chromed out, accord, with frizzy frosted hair and a look that screamed…. well, something. We matched them for a couple of stop lights and at one Iambe called over (quietly, as for our, not their benifit) and asked if they were the Icy Hot Stuntaz. At the next light their stereo volume rose a notch or two (no doubt seeing that there was a car beside them to impress).

Cat5, smelling male competition, and helped with prompting from Iambe put his stereo up to 11 and blasted Tom Jones at them! As we pulled up to them at the next light the weenie in the passenger leaned out and stared. Cat5 revved the engine on his fine machine. The guy leaned out further and said (I kid you not) “Wow! Is that stock?”. Let’s put this differently. Cat5 may be a pimpin’ mac-daddy but his car is a complete POS (note the dents and missing paneling) and he is the first to admit it.
The reason that his fly machine sounded so throaty was because it’s…. I can’t think of a good comparision here, but it’s not due to it having gobs of power. Course, we almost took them at the line, and the kids couldn’t even take the corner well enough to keep in their lane, and ended up in the way of the (non-existant) opposing traffic. Well, that or it’s cool these days to drive in the wrong lane.

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