New Digital SLR from Canon

The Canon Digital Rebel/EOS 300D has been released to the wild. Or DPReview anyway. A “low cost” digital SLR, selling at $900US for the body, which makes it about $83,000,000 Canadian, but still a drop from the $1,500 EOS-10D. Thanks to The Scobleizer Weblog for the link.

I’m still waiting to see if the Pentax digital that I was told about ever materializes. It was supposed to be a small digital SLR, built on either the MZ-[n] body or the *ist body, and costing less, with lense, than the current cost for a EOS-10D.

Sadly I can’t justify this cost, as I have a decent little Pentax P30 which is manual everything, so I’m understand things much better than if I had an auto-everything super expensive camera. Of course, feel free to put a nice shiny new 35mm SLR or Digital SLR on the list of things to get for me for Christmas (or paypal donations to the “get alan a big ass expensive camera” fund to 🙂