Strange People

Strange People at Work
When I went up into the break room at work yesterday there was a petition sitting on the table there, with a page of signatures, which basically said that the recent legislation to allow gay marriages would lead to the moral decay of the country, and was petitioning the government to reverse or change it’s decision.

That wierded me out.

A lot.

I emailed and talked to some people about it and eventually felt better, the the discussions ended up around the “issue” of gay marriage more than the simple fact that the petition weirded me out, which was my fault. I was going to write something about it and things like the Canadian Charter of Rights, but it looks like my story was passed along and dasubergeek already wrote about it, very nicely as well I might add. The only correction being that I wasn’t “approached” in any means (that would have allowed me a response which would probably have made me feel better) but it was simply sitting on a table.

There is a lot I’d like to say about it all, but I just don’t have the time or energy to get into it.

When I went up to put my lunch away this morning the petition wasn’t in sight, which was good. I don’t want to get into the whole thing, my main point is that seeing it there wierded me out.

Strange Friends
My friend S and his new Girlfriend came by last night and we all went out and played minigolf (I suck at minigolf) over at wonderland castle fun park. It was a good time, with post-minigolf skeeball and air hockey goodness. As Firefly said, “I understand why God sneaks off to play skeeball.”

Anyway when we came back home we found out that she is afraid of cats (and raccoons). Apparently she was gnawed on by one once, which is an oddity in itself, but afraid of cats? Afraid of these cute things? I know my kids aren’t as cute as some of the kittens out there, but still. Anyway, another sign that some people are just way out there. Or maybe I’m the one that’s strange, and everyone else is normal. Who knows.

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