Feeling Left Out

It seems like everyone is getting the latest email virus but me. I run linux so I won’t be affected by it if I do get it, but I haven’t gotten a single one! My spam folder is full of penis enlargement, viagra, foreign language, drugs, other drugs, more drugs, mortgage tips, junk mailing offers, banned CD, lottery, and diet tip newletter spam, but in the 50 or so spam that bogofilter has junked for me in the last couple of days (wow, very low…. what’s up with that?), not a single SoBig virus šŸ™

6 Comments on “Feeling Left Out”

  1. Yeah, me too, though I have had the pleasure of fixing a fella’s laptop that had 151 email with the subject line “Re:Wicked Screen Saver”, “Re:Thank You”, “Re:……” and lots of bounced emails. I can send ya one if you really feel left out šŸ™‚
    My solution for him, after ridding him of the virus, was to move him to Mozilla Mail. I know it wouldn’t have saved him from this virus, but it was a good excuse to get one more person off of Outlook Express.

  2. But if no one sends me the worm I can’t join in the fun! Guess no one that has it cares enough to have me in their address book.

  3. You have Wine, or the CrossOver/CrossOver Office plugin don’t you?
    I’m sure one of those will allow you to run Outlook so you too can join the fun.
    If not, there’s always VMware…

  4. You can try spam filter Spam Bully for Outlook Express and Outlook from http://www.spambully.com
    It can help you avoid just about all spam in your Inbox. I have been taking great pleasure all day in bouncing spam back from whence it came.