This or That

I’ll go along with squid.

1. Lasagna or Bologna sandwich?
2. Coke or Pepsi
3. Coffee or Tea
4. Apples or Oranges
5. White or Wholewheat
6. Foreign or Domestic wine1
7. Chopsticks or cutlery
8. Whole milk or skim
9. Mango or Kiwi
10. Automatic or manual transmission

Answers below….

1. Lasagna or Bologna sandwich? – Lasagna I guess, both are neither insanely good or bad, and they are both for different times of the day.

2. Coke or Pepsi – Coke.

3. Coffee or Tea – Tea, earl grey, hot.

4. Apples or Oranges – Apples, as they are less messy to eat and get less juices stuck in my goatee.

5. White or Wholewheat – Wholewheat is better for you, but can’t beat white on a grilled cheese sandwhich.

6. Foreign or Domestic wine – Don’t care, not a wine drinker.

7. Chopsticks or cutlery – Chopsticks for food that culturally uses them, ie: Chinese Japanese Thia, etc.

8. Whole milk or skim – Skim. I started drinking skim after I got my gallbladder taken out and was recommended to get rid of fat from my diet (something I haven’t done that well). I got used to it and now drinking 2% is like drinking cream.

9. Mango or Kiwi – Both are yummy.

10. Automatic or manual transmission – Definately manual, more fun to drive if nothing else, even if it does suck in rush hour traffic.

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  1. Of course!
    Hey, this is entry #666 for me! I’ll have to dance around in black robes and sacrafice something in celebration 🙂