Stupid Stupid Microsoft and Their Latest Virus

I thought that I could be safe in my little Linux world, and not be affected by the stuff that comes out of Redmond. Sadly no, it seems that some WIndows 2000 boxes inside the work network (WTF? I thought it was all Macs and Linux?) have been infected by the latest and greatest of the Microsoft worms so now each time I want to test the web app(s) I’m working on I have to repeat what I’m doing several times because I get “connection refused” because (I assume) the link is saturated from worm traffic.

This makes getting work done very hard.

The same goes for going outside the internal network and out onto the Internet, something I do to relieve the stress of getting “connection refused” four out of five times.

Scoble? You listening buddy? I know that others on the longhorn team have made the revelation that “windows is hard to use”, but you guys should fix problems like this now. Not in a year or two when Longhorn is going to come out (no doubt it will solve every problem in the world, make everyone happy, end world hunger, and restore the rainforests), not in six months when XP’s service pack 2 comes out (not that XP is the issue here). Soon. Now. A month ago. Cheerleading about Longhorn will only go so far when your clients are getting their asses kicked and losing work and money because of bugs in the OS that they have now. Telling them to upgrade because it will solve all their problems will most likely be met with joy from the morons who are impressed with nice glossy sales literature and fear from the people in charge of actually installing and maintaining this stuff.

Making the patches available to users doesn’t seem to work, pushing updates to them and auto-updating them just seems like such a bad idea, there has to be a better way. Maybe recommend your clients move to an OS that doesn’t bog down the net with each worm that arrives? Maybe fix the problem?

[Insert rant about microsoft here.]

Update Finally they look like they got it fixed, I can go back to surfing working in peace. Course, it looks like there is a flare up of another worm. sigh Guess this is why I run Linux.