Damn Kids

First day of school. I work at a a company that does work with schools. We do webstuff that students can view. The development server died not long ago, so the development has been on the main server for the last week or so. The load is jumping between 10 and 70 (read: really high for those not familiar with UNIX). It’s really hard to do any work when your cursor won’t move for minutes at a time.


Glad the new servers are going in Real Soon Now.

One Comment on “Damn Kids”

  1. I know what that’s like. I work at a manufacturing company that runs most of their data on a Oracle/HPUX system. Lately they’ve being doing so much production that the load sits on average at 4. That’s pretty high for HPUX, especially considering they’ve got dual CPUs, quite a bit of RAM, etc. They got a quote to add more CPUs and RAM, but “we don’t want to risk adding it until we aren’t quite so busy”. And the test/devel environment is down too, of course.
    It’s really hard to do any work when re-running a report takes 15 minutes 🙁
    Our other client just bought two systems. Both have 75 CPUs and 0.5 TB of RAM each. I can’t remember how many hard drives, but it was a lot anyway. One system is for the ERP app server, the other is for Oracle. Drool… a MOSIX cluster of THOSE guys would be nice.