More Stupid Advertising

Stupid commercialization of the shitty interweb
Do people really fall for this shit? Just for a lark I loaded up a link from spam that got through my spam filter. The subject was funny as well, holy pretend-techspeak: “ISP Alert – Ticket ID: 1638505610 – Type(t)“. Sounds pretty fucking important huh? If they could have made the subject line a different color and flash at me I’m sure they would have. I’ll be the next version of outlook / outlook express will let them though.

They were of course using standard (lame) fear tactis they hope that an iFrame (embedded frame in a window) loaded with a URL of “C:\” to make it look like your hard drive contents are available from online will make you want to download their product.

Do they really believe that based on information that’s easily available from the fact I’m going to their page I’m going to think that my ISP is a) under investigation and b) tracking me? Fuck off.

Going to the same page using Links, a text based webbrowser the results were even funnier.

Your ISP is cooperating: UFIES
They know you are using: Unusual type of browser
Your computer is: an unusual type of OS

I’ve always hated “sales” and commercials. A lame blanket statement to be making I realize, but I’m a jaded, bitter bastard. I’m also inandated by people and companies lying to me, putting flashing lights and moving boxes, signs and graphics in front of me from pretty much the time I get up until the time I go to sleep to try to convince me I need something that they are selling, whether I need it or not. Sadly unless I do move to a cave somewhere I can’t get away from it, from the roadside billboards proclaiming “you looked! billboard advertising works, call NNN-NNNN to get your ad here” to unwanted email from airlines telling me how their flights to calgary are now only $90, with lots of small print telling me that a $30 charge for this, and a $10 charge for that, are not included. It pisses me off.

The above ad pisses me off as well, but also makes me sad, because no doubt someone has been fooled.

The next email that graced my box was more spam, an old friend Nancy (must have forgotten her somewhere along the way) telling me about a great online pharmacy she found, and asking me to say hi to everyone. Fuck you Nancy.

I fear for the future.

Anyone selling a cave in the mountains somewhere?