My God, It’s Full of Couches

FireflyBro came over tonight with the new couch and loveseat we bought (but haven’t paid for) from FireflyUncle a few weeks ago. Of course, we still have the old ones, so our living room is how you say, “full”. Two couches and two loveseats make a cosy room. The cats have been told to not scratch the new ones and it is yet to see if they will obey or not. They’ve had great fun playing “fort” in the mass of cushions. Of course, with the theoretical (like I said, they haven’t been paid for yet) price of $75 I’m not hugely concerned. We are talking about keeping the old couch though, it’s damn comfortable and perfect for sleeping on. If we can arrange for two couches and one loveseat (the other one removing itself from the house over the porch railing in a dying flight of glory) we will, regardless of the reams of people giving me the “you should get new couches” speech 😛

Above is my favorite sunset picture in a bunch I took while heading over to my parents yesterday. The sun was hitting that golden hour and I raced to get off the road and find a lookout unobstructed by wires, trees and buildings. If you hit the directory you’ll see I did a bit of experimenting with different framings, as well as over and under exposing to get some of the detail. All in all they turned out nicely I think, though the sunset itself wasn’t my doing.

This shot also appealed to me. I just saw the strap for the camera bag against the wood of my desk and thought “hey, that looks really neat,” so I positioned it so I could get just the wood and not the rest of the crap on the desk, and managed to get a decent macro shot that was what I wanted. Not sure if anyone else thinks it’s cool though 🙂

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