Debian Unstable and Apache + PHP4 Segfaults

Talked to Iambe a bit this morning and she asked what was up with staticred and fozbaca. I went to check and sure enough my upgrade yesterday to clear out the list of upgraded packages on UFies caused problems.

Something in php4 + mysql/postgres/imap combined with an imap problem with libc-client2002 (part of uw-imap) which is linked against the kerberos libs that have unset symbol versions broke.

I kid you not.

End result, check out the bug report and follow the directions in there, restart, no go, check other similar bug reports, same thing. Try commenting out other extensions in /etc/php4/apache/php.ini, same thing. Go find, find all the php4 packages from the start of this month (when it worked), downgrade the current version of them, re-read bug report, follow the directions again, restart some more, and finally it worked. Even with the imap extension commented out, the webmail still seemed to work (I thought squirrelmail used imap?).

My php.ini file now has this in it:


This is one case where gentoo may have won out, as it would have been very easy to just go into the packages directory and find the version that worked and compile it, instead of having to hunt down a package version by date somewhere. Granted, I would have had to wait for it to compile, but….

I hate computers.

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