UFies.org Looking for a New Home

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Greetings folks. Some things are changing around here, and hopefully someone out there can help out. Since the Userfriendly servers moved from New Westminster to some far away place, the UFies.org box no longer falls under their realm of influence. IE: No more free hosting for me. I can live with that. However, today I got an email from the dude in charge of the Paralynx/Parasun/Cablerocket (or whatever they are calling themselves) saying that they are no longer doing any co-lo hosting 🙁

So I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for places who do co-lo hosting in the vancouver area. I’m not looking for a whole lot, basically

  • Vancouver area
  • Access to get in for reboots or hardware changes (after hours access a bonus)
  • Competant support people or admins
  • Not getting completely screwed over for the price or for extra traffic (sadly I don’t have my bandwidth stats here right now, so I don’t know what I’m looking for per month yet)

Hopefully this will go smoothly. I’ve been told I have to be out by Sept 30th (nice short notice huh?), so the quicker the better. I’m hoping that I can sweet talk the Paralynx guys into giving me a bit of extra time if I need it, but most likely it’ll be quick. The biggest thing will be a change in IP address, so all the hosted domains will have to be updated, DNS records, MX records, secondary DNS servers, etc etc etc. Bit PITA.

Hopefully I can find something good though, and quickly. Thanks for any advice or pointers anyone can give me. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

7 Comments on “UFies.org Looking for a New Home”

  1. How about a separate business DSL/cable line into the apartment and hosting it there? Might be a little cheaper than colo

  2. Interesting thought. Definately something to check out. Have to see what the bandwidth availability is like though… we’ve seen some pretty heavy through put on ufies.

  3. my first thought was to use round-robin dns and have all your friends mirror ufies et. al. but then I saw your 100GB/month. .. ouch.

  4. T1 to a house is not a bad idea, but probably not obtainalble inside the time required. I wonder how responsive they would be should connectivity problems happen?