UFies.org Up and Running

Well, me and Fred wandered down to the new Paralynx offices (nice digs) dropped off a case of Guiness for Tom and Ken who have gone above and beyond the call of duty more than once to help a non-paying hanger on (me) with various things, picked up the (huge) server and headed out.

The new host is right downtown, just down from the main hub of internet hosts at near Canada place. They have offices, a big white room with a single row of racks. Almost like something out of a science fiction movie. I took the camera there but forgot it in the car. The people there seemed nice, and we set up the box, moved old IPs to the new ones, then took the box and plugged it into it’s new home… a rack all to myself. This is not due to paying gobs of money for a lot of space, but having an immense (24″ or more) server case. A couple of reboots, a couple of changes to files that I’d missed the first time, and voila, a server that is back online but no one knows about, because the master DNS server that the internet looks to for it’s information, hasn’t been updated yet. I still anticipate a couple of days before the changes filter down properly.

If you need access to the server, you can add it’s IP as a DNS server:

Took Fred home after that, with a minor stop for some sushi dinner, and then the long drive home to here. And by luck I saw that Third Watch has it’s season premier tonight in 10 minutes! Whohooo!

Think I’ll wander and get a tape ready to record it for Firefly, who is no doubt still helping her grandmother and her new internet connection (shudder).

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