A Great Day

Yesterday was, for all intents and purposes, a great day. Aside from that minor incident with the alarm clock, all went well. In the afternoon everyone left here for a funeral (that’s not part of the great day though) and I got a lot of good work done here. I’m not sure if it was that there was no one in the office or that I told $boss I’d get xyz done and wanted to actually come through. It was also the time when a whole bunch of little pieces of a big project started coming together, and the feeling that “man, things are actually working” started to emerge. It’s gratifying to see all the little chunks come together to form something that doesn’t suck.

As I had pulled into work the audiobook I had been listening to, Contact, by Carl Sagan, had finished, so when I left at 5:30 I had Tongue and Groove in my CD player and was boppin’ along and shaking my booty (as much as one can in the drivers seat of a Prelude). Not only that, but apparently 5:30 is around the golden hour, so the light was just fantastic. I forgot my camera of course. Anyway, combine this with suddenly clear skies and the start of a fantastic sunset, and the drive home was amazingly enjoyable. Missed the sunset as I was in the gym though.

Did some shopping, come home, eat, and then put my webserver back together. The strangeness of GRUB not loading right away just “went away” once the old SCSI drives were removed. The system now boots up and is markedly faster to use (I think). I managed to do a backup the server and start backing my photos onto CD as well. Did some more work until around 12:30 and got still more done. Go me!

This morning I found out why my resetting of the alarm yesterday morning didn’t work. Seems I set it to 6am instead of 7, and when it woke me up this morning I didn’t even notice it was too early until it was too late. The cats were right into getting me awake as well, Corny with requests for petting and Rex licking my nose. No doubt they felt guilty about not getting me up in time yesterday. So in a fit of irony the one morning when I expected to oversleep, I was up an hour earlier than I wanted to be (pats extra large mocha on it’s head).

Short version of the above: Had a great day yesterday and was up early this morning.

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