On Britney Spears

Was flipping channels tonight and saw a bit of the “countdown” to Ms. Spears new video. While waiting for this no doubt earth shattering even they have other videos of hers and interviews. I was struck while watching one of these interviews by how…. oh what’s the word…. “vacant” she is. Sorry B, while there is no doubt that you’re a hottie, it ain’t gonna happen.

One of the questions the interviewer asked was “do you consider yourself sexy?” <clips of Britney Spears dressed as slutty as can be, wet and gyrating with groups of men and women in various videos of hers flash across the screen> Her reply (paraphrased) “No…. I don’t think I’m butt ugly though. I don’t like people who go out and try to be sexy,” <more gyrating> “it has to be natural.” I’m not sure if she was trying to be ironic, funny or not.

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