Comment Spammers Die

I don’t fucking believe this shit. I wake up in the morning to find that now my blog and are targets for comment spammers. “Spoiling it for everyone” is about what it is. This is what I got in my email, as I get a notification each time a comment is posted. So now I have to go through and remove each comment, add the email address and IP into a blacklist and rebuild the site, maybe with or without the help of a “one click fuck the spammer” script somewhere. Victimless crime huh? Not only that, but the load on was up to 22 because it was no doubt being hammered by these fuckwits all fucking night. And I can pretty much assure you that none of the comments in that list do anything but advertise sex, sex sex and more sex.

Why is it that we constantly, continually have to protect ourselves as citizens on the internet from advertising and people wanting to fuck us over for their own profit (though I severely doubt that anyone will profit from this)? We have to install spam filters on our email, have to go through and delete comments because I really don’t want to contribute to some “pre-teen lolita” site from making any money. Some people are removing some commentability (website) from their sites, others are turning off comments altogether. Yet when we complain we are told that not to get stuck in the past that was the early 1990’s when the net was a place where you could actually get information off of and get work done, and not spend half your time protecting yourself from spam and virii. We are told “move with the times” or “it’s what capitalism is all about, god bless america!”.

To this I say simply, no. I refuse to take this shit anymore.

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  1. alt.rec.comment.spammers.die.die.die

    I have no idea of that newsgroup really exists. If not, it should. SquidBlog just received a flurry of 6…