iPod Card Reader. Justification, Finally?

For ages I’ve lusted after getting an iPod, but it’s just too expensive when I can get away with a 10 year old walkman set to “radio”, and fear of dropping the $500+ device and breaking it would scare the crap out of me. However, this card reader that hooks into an iPod might be justification. Now you can take pictures with your digital camera, fill up it’s flash card, offload to your 40G iPod, and keep on going. Of course, I haven’t yet filled up both my flash cards at once, but hey, gotta find reasons to spend money on techie toys instead of paying off bills or putting cash towards say, a house, right? I’ll have to start a(nother) “Get Alan an iPod” fund. Hey, it is my birthday coming up…. 🙂

That all said, it’s a neat use of an iPod, or rather, gobs of digital storage in a tiny package. More iPod accessories here.

Oh, and iTunes for Windows. Maybe hell did just freeze over. Course, chances of it being available in canada are still slim.

5 Comments on “iPod Card Reader. Justification, Finally?”

  1. I just downloaded iTunes for windows to try out. Gotta wait till I get home to install it. It is available in Canada, the program, but you mean the store right? It isn’t. There is a new online Canadian only music store, Puretracks. All Canadian content which is cool, but WMA only…….d’oh!

  2. You know, until you mentioneed it, I just didn’t Get It, why having a card reader in your iPod would be useful. Now that you mentioin it, though, it is like the holy grail: 40 gigs worth of photos, music, and files all in one nice little convenient package. Man, that totally kicks ass!!

  3. No, it sucks, because a 40G ipod costs almost as much as a fully loaded new system (sans monitor) with 120G, 1G ram, and at least a xp2600 🙁 Sucks sucks sucks sucks.
    Time to begin my life of crime!

  4. True, it’s not nearly as portable, but still, you can’t deny that while an iPod is sexy as hell, it’s still bloody expensive (though being apple, not surprisingly so).

  5. I see, so you often carry around a computer with 120 gig of HD space, 1 gig of RAM, and an xp 2600 processor? Part of your workout?