Surviving Wet Coast

Instructions for living on the on the wet west coast.

  1. When leaving in the morning check the weather outside the window before leaving the apartment.
  2. Take a hat.
  3. Take a jacket.
  4. When getting gas, park far enough under the covered area that wind will not blow rain on you while filling your car.
  5. Get your morning mocha.

Almost didn’t get up this morning because my body was quite convinced it was still the middle of the night. Took forever for my eyes to adjust to light…. I guess waking up to bright sun or at least sun rising directly into my eyes in the mornings has been spoiling me. At least I can’t complain about how hot it is anymore, and don’t feel guilty about being inside. Yay, only 4 more months of this! At least it’s not snowing here yet though.

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