Lets Sue Everybody!

Just saw this story while watching CNN while delaying doing some bookkeeping. Basically a 12 year old girl was hit by a drunk driver and was paralyzed. A very sad story, my heart goes out to her parents. They of course, sued… but they didn’t sue the drunk driver who hit them. No, they sued the NFL. Why? Because he was on his way back from a football game.


Just in case you had any doubts as to his reasoning behind suing the NFL, the family went on TV and he said that “… they [the stadium] were my clients…. I know how much the appreciate sales of alcohol.” (paraphrased from memory). Now I understand that they want to keep their daughter taken care of in the future, but to go on national TV and say flat out “we’re suing because they have lots of money”? Yes, the guy had been buying booze at the game, and yes, he was an asshat and drove home. But hell, why not sue his car manufacturer for not having safeguards to prevent driving while over the legal limit, or the parking company for not noticing a drunk man getting into a car while leaving their lot? Oh right, because the NFL has lots of money.

Gotta love it!