New Toys and House Cleanup

Went out with Yohimbe and WebDiva for breakfast this morning, saw their new house, which made me very jelous, especially with their computer room setup. Yummy. Yohimbe pointed me out to a couple of deals on tools, and I was impressed with their cable collector domahickey. After enjoying the new house smell/look and having fun helping set up the computer room we headed over to Ikea and picked up a couple of things, then to Canadian Tire for some other stuff (I have a drill! and bits! and a wrench!).

Came home and I felt like we got a lot done. Little things that were in my mind deteriorating the feel of the house got fixed, like a new bulb for the standup light in the living room, new 11W long lasting floresent eco-friendly bulbs that got put in the hallway and kitchen light, the plastic bags under the sink got put in a plastic bag holder thingy, and other things. Yohimbe donated his old shower head, which seems to be far superior to ours (spraying hard in a cone instead of a cylinder like ours does) and I got that put up. Lots of good stuff.

As an aside, since everyone is either looking for or buying a house, I asked down at the bank how much of a mortgage I could get. Except for a few things (still being on probation at work, only having filed one year for my business, no hard reference for my RRSP/Mutual fund holdings except for a lot of “well, I think I have about….” talk), including getting the El Guapo that are my car payments out of the way, we’d be ok. They allow something like 40% of your income to be at debt and even with car payments and a $1000/month mortgage, we’d be ok. Well, at 39.6% of total income, but still viable to get a mortgage. Nice to know that the option is there anyway.

The other reason I went into the bank was to see about moving aformentioned car loan to there, so that all my banking was in one place, and maybe get a lower interest rate. Of course, because I’m close to the end of it (19 months still on it), moving it to a different bank would mean more interest, more BS charges, and I’d be paying $20 a month more to get it paid off a month sooner. In case you’re wondering, no, the math doesn’t add up to making any sense for me to move it over 🙂

Got a nice postcard from Keth as well. Thanks! Looks like she’s needing folks to go see Bubba Ho Tep with too, so if you’re in the area, go with her, she’s cute and doesn’t bite often 🙂

Ooooh, and the laundry is done! Yay! Clean underwear for tomorrow!

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  1. Few pointers:
    1) You won’t actually start applying for a mortgage until you’ve made an offer on a house. Prequalifying, however, is an excellent idea. But keep in mind: the banks will prequalify you for much more than you can likely afford. We prequalified for WAY over what we eventually spent on the house.
    2) Don’t get credit checks done against you – each check lowers your rating.
    3) As soon as you have full time employment (ie: the probation is over), the more attractive you’ll be for the lenders. I’ve only had ‘full time’ since August.
    4) Get a mortgage broker. Don’t go through the banks. Seriously. Our bank was going to give us 6% on prequalification. Our mortgage broker got us 3.49%.
    5) Apply for a joint mortgage with A – even if her income isn’t substantial, it will make a difference.
    6) You can use your RRSPs towards a downpayment, but you will need to pay them back over 15 years.
    7) Be prepared for a LOT of paperwork.