Great Hardware Giveaway

A couple of weeks back I cleaned all the hardware out of storage that is less than a Pentium-II and am wanting to get rid of it. It all mostly works but I don’t want it anymore, and don’t have the space to keep it. However, I can’t bear to just throw away working hardware, even if it is only a 486.

So here’s the deal. In about a week I’m going to take it all down and put it on the “giveaway” table in the laundry room, before then however, if anyone wants this and is local (lower mainland centered around the Vancouver, BC, Canada area) and can come and pick it up or arrange someplace to get it within a reasonable amount of time, it’s yours… free for the taking. Email me at

I know that raskal tried to give away old hardware on the FVLUG list, and it didn’t go well, but I’ll try anyway.

I have several items. You can hit the gallery of pictures I put up of everything (with high-res images so you can look at serial #s and whatnot if you care to) to look at the details, but here’s what’s there:

So that’s it. email me if you want anything, cause by next monday it’ll be out of here!