NSI == Fuckwits

Still trying to get the root DNS servers to update to the new IP for ufies.org and in a fit of insanity I emailed NSI about the problem. After five email exchanges with them, I have come to the conclusion that the support staff is in fact staffed with retarted monkeys who randomly hit keys matched up to stock replies, oblivious to whether the reply has anything to do with the question you asked.

4 Comments on “NSI == Fuckwits”

  1. Strange, though some secondary dns servers have updated, some haven’t, and the root one for .org still hasn’t. Getting better, but still.

  2. Ya, it should all be done and history by now.
    I still had some people coming in via IP until
    Sunday due to cached DNS servers. However, the root server is supposed to update at least 3 times per week. This should have been updated a long time ago. 🙁

  3. PS, reminds me of a similar runaround I had with yahoo after they bought out geocities and move a site of mine. Could never get back in 🙁 In circles we went till I just gave up…

  4. It must be getting somewhere, as I have no problems getting to ufies.org now. And yes I am not using ufies as my dns server.
    A query of dns servers however does not show many not using, so that is mega wiered.