Quick Comment Spam Deletion

Silv mentioned he’d been hit by comment spam, here’s a one click comment spam deletion hack, another via NSLog(). I haven’t tried it, because it hasn’t become a problem (yet).

7 Comments on “Quick Comment Spam Deletion”

  1. And of course the night after I post this I get two spams showing up. Fuckers. They probably search for comment spam or something like that and then use those pages to target. ARGH!

  2. I’ve only had one spam comment. I thought it was interesting. How do they do it? I can’t imagine someone actually surfing for blogs and cutting and pasting. It seemed to have been done by a robot/crawler of some sort because the comment was to a story that was quite old on my site. Anyways, I second your sentiment……Fuckers!

  3. Yea, these were years old posts, and not related to anything at all, but the same text and user and url on each. I’m going to guess it’s a random crawler of some sort. Since the ability to post comments is user-controlled (unlike email) they problably don’t want to flood users as they’ll be not as under the radar, and have more chance of having comments simply turned off on them.