The 800lb Gorilla Theory

<a href=”href=””>Diego has a great quote that I couldn’t help repeating here in his latest bout of
Microsoft love (well, not really).

[…]So, news flash, Microsoft: you are not the underdog. You are not even the proverbial 800-pound Gorilla. You are the only Gorilla left because all the other Gorillas are dead and you have the steaming machine gun in your hands.

Can’t say I disagree. Microsoft has really seemed to get on the “woe is me” attitude lately, brought forward in many quotes from higher up execs giving speeches about how they are focusing on security, (though perfect code is not needed apparently). The attitude is also brought forth by the Microsoft hired flag wavers such as Scoble, who has an interesting combination of “we are so amazing” and “we can only do so much, we’re doing our best, we love you guys”.

As others have pointed out, Microsoft has something like 50,000 employees, and are focused on a huge number of projects with a wide array of focus for world domination expanding their product line. Poor, poor Microsoft.