The Network Solutions Customer Support Prayer

Dear $DEITY in the heavens above, or travelling through the network,

let the tech support people at Network Solutions understand my question

give them the ability to read

grant upon them oh holy of holy ones, and controller of all things, the understanding of simple questions presented to them

let them fix a simple problem in under two weeks,

with less than 10 replies and responses oh surveyer of all mankind

please oh $DEITY let them not be idiots.


I think I finally found what I was looking for. The problem was that when UFies moved IPs there was an old glue record pointing to the old IP at the root DNS servers for .org. Because of this the old IP was still hanging around. I finally convinced the admins at (the root server for .org) to delete the bad IP so that the correct one could propagate. Not only that, but finally today, after 5 emails back (today) from the good folks at NSI I found what I was looking for. Very simple, don’t know how I missed it, but it was just an “edit host information” button on a page. That’s it. Maybe add it to their site map?

My huge thanks to Ryan who was on the phone today (when I eventually made it through the 6 layers of electronic menus) to help me out, listen to my problem, understand it, and instruct me on where to click to change the information. Now the IP is set right things can finally start propagating right.

Maybe my prayer finally worked.

Of course, not without clear proof that their customer service people don’t know how to read. Below is an excerpt from an email I received from them. Their most current response is at the top, with their original message and my response below (emphasis mine):

Dear Ms. Bailward,

That’d be MR Bailward please.


They emailed me calling me “Ms” (how do you get Ms out of “alan”?) and I replied with a request to be called Mr., and re-stated my problem. Their reply again, called me “Ms.” and gave yet another wrong answer. Of course, the fact that they still called me Ms. gave me a pretty clear indication that they hadn’t read the problem to begin with.

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