Bad iTunes Vibes

Hmm…. with SilverStr’s iTunes problems and finding this post from a self-described “.Net Guy” disliking it for it’s lack of WMA support, I’m sensing a bad iTunes vibe today. Works For Me&tm; though. I just wish it supported playing .ogg out of the box and ripping to .ogg out of the box. Course, as I’ve said elsewhere, when it’s a loss leader to get people to buy iPods, I doubt it’d going to start supporting competitive formats and players.

One Comment on “Bad iTunes Vibes”

  1. Hmmm… his comment:
    “Okay, I’ll use iTunes if someone will re-rip … our 44 gigabytes worth of WMAs, … replace our portable devices that don’t play AAC, … replace our Audiotron which doesn’t play AAC.”
    is what frosts me. It’s not like Apple misrepresented what iTunes is (like you say, a loss-leader for iPods). If you’re dead set on WMA, um… go buy a WMA device.
    You know?
    (I too want Ogg, if only to see a proliferation of free formats to counter WMA)