Chunky Coder, Hack Thyself

The Hacker’s Diet. Interesting stuff, will have to read more of it. Not sure how it fits in the Atkins type diets or if it’s just another way to get people to think about what they are eating though.

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  1. The Atkins diet works awesome. I have lost 60 pounds already on it. I have more energy than I ever had before, rarely hungry and losing weight EVERY week.
    The only thing I really miss is Taco Tuesday (Taco Time) and coke. But I found alternatives that have removed those cravings. I don’t eat as much sushi (rice is high in carbs) but treat myself occassionally.
    Slashdot sure shows how arrogant, and ignorant, most posters are. Before anyone should criticize such a program, they should read the research. I eat less through a low carb diet because I feel more full from the foods I eat. (Chicken and turkey are really filling). The Atkin’s “Diet Revolution” book goes into great deal to describe the science behind ketosis. I wish people would learn from this book before they open their mouth. Especially the “nutritionists” and “trainers” who refuse to recognize not everyone is built like them!
    I only wish you lived out here dude. Then I could play more squash with you and work out in the gym like we used to do.

  2. The Hacker’s Diet has been around for a few years now. I think that if you use some of the ideas and tools from it with the Atkins diet they would both work better. I used The Hacker’s Diet a few years back and lost a few pounds. I may get back on it to get rid of the beer gut I have.
    I haven’t had a lot of time to look into the Atkins but I have seen allot of people use it and lose a lot of weight.

  3. The Atikins diet is what Jaroc & I did about 3 years ago now ( possibly two…time flies too quickly ). At the time when working at the previous job, many co-workers looked at me like I was nuts and even laughed at me for doing it. In the end it was incredibly successful and even to this day we have managed to keep the majority of the weight we lost off. To that end I find it quite amusing now that SilverStr has been doing Atkins and has been finding it successful. If you can get past the first two weeks of absolutely no carbs you are on your way to success with Atkins, and if you combine it with a daily excersice ( whether it be a simple walk, or going to the gym ), you will find yourself even more successful.
    Kudos to you Silverstr for finding something that has been successful to you and for sticking with it!