Finally It Is Mine, What a Wonderful Birthday

Finally, after much waiting, the alleged Powerbooks arrived today. I’m typing in mine as we speak. Much more has happened over the last while too, which I’ll update soon, but there is still work to be done before the end of the night.

I had a great birthday as well. Went over to my parents yesterday for a wonderful dinner, and tonight went out with Yohimbe and Webdiva to the GM Indian restaurant in Maple Ridge and had great food there too. Thanks to my folks and Andrea and the wellwishers (and WebDiva who managed to do it in the Link of the Day).

Anyway, must get to work. Will update later more, with more pics and whatnot.

6 Comments on “Finally It Is Mine, What a Wonderful Birthday”

  1. Foz, I bet the wlan is integrated into the case. On mine it is, at least.
    I have wireless at home, but if I’m at my desk I’d much rather just plug into 10/100 into the access point / switch which is right next to the desk. Much better throughput, very reliable etc.
    The powerbook has Gigabit Ethernet? Wow… can the bus actually keep up to that?

  2. Yea, no airport included, and I don’t have wireless here (yet). I’m thinking of buying an airport card and a replacement for the FC that will do wifi (dana mentioned one on his site) though. All in time 🙂
    It does have gigabit apparently, and it’s network ports are auto-sensing so that you don’t need a crossover cable (mucho cool). Course, I don’t have a gigabit hub anywhere 🙂 Seemed pretty fast pb to pb though. No idea if the bus or the HD can keep up. Oh, and has integrated bluetooth as well!