How To Make A Find Dialog Suck

My latest MS piss off is this. I’m using Frontpage from the latest version of Microsoft Office for my work on the VB/ASP project. It’s actually quite nice in some ways. The biggest one is that when you save a file, the page doesn’t jump around randomly leaving the page positioned with the line your cursor was at as the top visible line (very stupid IMO). Some other improvements as well.

One that is actually more of a wart than a feature is found when you hit ^F to find something. You can hit next/previous, that’s all fine, and if the next occurance of what you are trying to find is under the actual dialog it will move the dialog for you so that the occurance can be seen. Very cool! Except… it doesn’t move your mouse cursor along with it. So if you are trying to move through a file by clicking on “next” suddenly things could stop because the dialog has moved out from under your mouse! (Yes, I know you could just hit enter, but that’s not the point!)


2 Comments on “How To Make A Find Dialog Suck”

  1. <nelson>ha ha!</nelson>
    Seriously though, why are you using Frontpage? If you want a WYSIWYG then use the Dreamweaver/Homesite combo.

  2. Not really by choice, but the way the dev is done with this project is FP extensions on the server, so there’s not a lot of choice. I could use Visual Studio I guess, but it’s still using the same extensions. Of course, part of it is so that all the devs are using the same thing. It’s also more for the development than the HTML.
    But yea, it sucks 🙂