(Non)Powerbook Monday

In theory, on the truck from the Bellingham office this afternoon, arriving at 2pm. I still say I’ll believe it when I see it. Fingers crossed though.

Update: Not today. Apparently they installed everything clean and one of the powerbooks has some white spots on the screen or something, and the other is crashing and freezing all the times. To be honest I’m not shocked that they aren’t here, but I am shocked that there are issues with Apple hardware. I’ve always heard that it’s awsome and amazing and everything, but according to the IS guy from Bellingham they’ve had issues with three powerbooks pulled straight from their boxes. Not sure if it’s ram or what though.

sigh well, keep on waiting…. at least now Silverstr doesn’t need to steal anything from me and it can be me that is jelous of Foz and his mac, not the other way around.