Alan’s Christmas Wish List

Ok, anyone wondering what wonderful bits to get me, look no farther!

  • Rio Karma (20G) for day to day use
  • Rio Cali (256mb version) for the gym (Wow just did a currency conversion, and even with the exchange it’s about $100CND cheaper to buy this in the states (assuming the $169USD pricetag seen on
  • AOpen DRW4410 DVD Writer (at under $100 US it’d be cheaper than the above items 🙂
  • Linux compatible Serial ATA card for my fileserver (the Silicon Graphics chipsets don’t seem to do linux RAID, but according to some of the forum posts it is possible to get it working). This is just an interim solution until I upgrade the whole box and put in a motherboard with a SATA chip, so just looking for something that works 🙂
  • A couple of big ass SATA hard drives to go with it.
  • Aliens Quadrilogy DVD
  • A USB keychain storage device… 64 or 128 megs of storage to keep important files safe. According to a recent Linux Journal article, they are the floppies for the new millenium.
  • Canon Digital Rebel or…
  • Pentax Digital *ist
  • Add on bits for my Canon A70 Digital Camera
  • Another nice shirt like I got from mom for my birthday
  • $1,000,000
  • A house that exactly meets what I want (and only costs $1)
  • A subscription to Popular Photography Magazine
  • A huge and over priced flat panel TV, ungodly expensive reciever, and speakers of such high quality that even the most freakish audiophiles will cry for mercy (this will go in the house I mentioned above).
  • CDRs
  • CDRWs
  • DVDRs (to go with the DVD writer mentioned above)

Obviously some of these are pie in the sky wishlist stuff, others are a bit more serious, and yet others I’ll get myself if the boxing day sales are good enough. I leave it to you gentle reader to figure out which is which 🙂

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