Christmas Has Started

Just got back from town doing some looking around at various things, the biggest being a new cordless phone. Even with a full nights charge our current one lasts about 30 seconds before it starts it’s low battery beeping, so we went to look for a new phone. Could have gotten a new battery, but the last time I did that it only lasted about 6 months (if that) before running down. Ended up getting a GE set that gives two handsets in one package (with only the main one needing to plug into the wall) so now there’s a phone in the bedroom as well.

Did other minor shopping, and I’m starting to wish I did my Christmas shopping in October! Even just dropping into Walmart for a pot for Firefly to transplant a fast growing African Violet gave me the indication that if this is early december and you have to walk 3 kilometers to your car and fight 300 meter lines at the cash register, nearer christmas is going to suck! Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad, but I’m thinking of taking a day off and doing my shopping at 8am on a weekday, when everyone else is at work.

Did some looking at various electronic toys and gagets that I’m going to put on my Christmas list, and found that prices were still pretty much the same across all the major electronics stores here. Imagine that.