3 Comments on “Perl and MP3s”

  1. I was thinking about doing something with Perl to rip streaming mp3 (eg shoutcast/icecast), chunking it to seperate files for each song, then looking up the full info for it in CDDB.
    I think it would be cool to write a script that looks at existing MP3 files, gets the full info from FreeCDDB, then if the file is low quality or incomplete, search on some P2P engine(s) for a nice high-quality full length one.

  2. CDDB works off of a full CD, not individual songs (does a calculation of number of songs and total length or something like that). Try the musicbrainz module, which will try to match the song fingerprint to one in the database (I’m a big MB fan 🙂

  3. Ugh. I didn’t know that existed. Sounds cool, something else to add to my infinite list of things to get going.