Another Daily Photography Site is another daily photography site with some absolutely fantistic work by a photographer in Toronto. Funnily enough a lot of the recent pictures feature snow 🙂 A lot are also macro images, which look extremely cool. I wish I could have a clue how to get the detail he got in his bagel photo. Time to practice I guess!

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  1. There’s three ways you can do a macro that fine – one is to use an extremely ($4-500) expensive macro lens, and the other is to take a 28mm lens and reverse it (you can get mounts to do this). You can also get closeup lenses – though I don’t think you can get that close a magnification out of them.

  2. It’s not just the lense, but the lighting as well. I have some nice close up lenses that I’ve played around with (on film camera) but the lighting was pretty sucky for what I was doing. You need a good tripod as well (<makes note on list>).