Apple and Microsoft History

Ok, so for it’s history site Apple has, with anecdotes, pictures… Microsoft on the other hand, has (as noted by scoble), a file download. In .doc format. Looking exactly like any other boring download. How….. boring. The document itself is just as dry and uninteresting (and displays with text far too small to read on my Powerbook under Office for OS/X).

I think that this re-enforces what Joe Wilcox said about Microsoft vs Mac Marketing, especially comparing iLife to the MS Digital Media Edition.

One Comment on “Apple and Microsoft History”

  1. Dude: what better way to perpetuate the document format monopoly – and to control history! – than by putting it in the closed doc format! It’s like that Catholic Church controlling Latin in the Middle Ages.
    Pardon me, my tinfoil hat needs adjustment.