File Name Limit in Office X?

What the hell!?!?!? I try to save a file in MS Word OS/X version called “Content Management System Recommendations.doc” and it pops up a box telling me that “The file name you entered is too long: The file name cannot exceed 31 characters.” No limit like that on file folders, or files saved in textedit, or any other program I tested.

Huh? What year is this again? What sort of braindead program is this?????

10 Comments on “File Name Limit in Office X?”

  1. Stupid stupid stupid!! Does this exist in the Windoze version of Office? I’ll have to test and let you know. I just tried same thing on the Mac here and same error. If I try to save using the same file name in text editor, no problem. Silly M$

  2. Substandard product! Windoze version has no problem saving long file names. Another example I guess of M$ putting out a substandard product on a different platform, kinda like IE for the Mac.

  3. Hey,
    Been having the same problem. Openoffice saves in long file name. The text looks a lot better than office mac. and it’s free! The bummer is that it runs in X11 which makes it look like a windows app, but they are working on an Aqua port.