On Watching The New Lame Model Show

I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but I’m sitting in front of a TV playing American’s Next Top Model, where a bunch of skinny-ass girls looking for a career of performing for the camera and making young girls want to be even skinnier. Originally I was going to go and do some work while Firefly watched it, but it was like a train wreck that you just can’t stop watching. It’s the brainchild of some woman who is a model apparently, no doubt doing her best to rescue a flagging career.

My honest evaluation is that the only thing the show has going for it is there was a “nude” (ie: naked under gobs of body paint, beads, and other props) photo shoot and the off chance of seeing someone in their underwear.

They have a variety of models (they claim), including a “plus sized” model, which some would say is the only one of the girls that looks remotely like a real person. She refused to do the nude photo shoot in an attempt to be “more christ like” (and not wanting to show her goodies to the world, and son, instead of just her husband). Uh huh. That’ll get you far in this “career” you’re going for. I put career in “quotes” not because of distain for the modelling industry (none of that, no, not at all), but because the chances of these people getting into the industry for any length of time beyond the contract they’ll win is probably pretty minimul (case in point, the huge amounts of advertising the RIAA is putting into convincing people that they want to buy the latest from the last American Idol winners (the skinny white guy and the big black guy).

Oh no! They just eliminated the only “plus sized” model. Go figure.

Do I sound catty?