Random Stupid and Abusive People

No, not talking about me this time. I’ve been meaning to do a showcase of the idiots who comment on my blog and display some of the random mental giants who visit and leave comments (this for example). This one however got my goat enough to give it it’s own little space here.


p>I wrote up a little thing a while back after watching the John Walsh show at the gym about how it was an inane show and I hoped this way of entertaining died off.

Today I got the following comment, snipped for brevity:

A new comment has been posted on your blog The ArcterJournal, on entry #570

(Please die John Walsh).


IP Address:

Name: Paula

Email Address: chk111111@msn.com


I’m guessing the guy who hates John Walsh is some kind of child molester or a defense attorney defending the “rights” of sex offenders. I love John Walsh’s show, because he brings out the facts that break the prevarications perpetuated by pedophiles and other perpetrators to perpetuate their penis-crimes. His show is not shallow sound-bite journalism-turned-entertainment schmuckymuck crap. [snip…] Obviously the person who started this stream of messages is a person with a lot of problems, and who doesn’t care much about other people or the children who are abducted, raped and murdered. Perhaps that person is upset that a group of people has collected to fight against the liberal treatment of people who should be in prison for life. [blah blah I have my own show on child abuse blah blah] It is not a Jerry Springer type show. Check it out!

“Paula” then proceeded to post this message not once, not twice (when it could be excused as clicking on submit again accidently), but three times, the last being some 7 hours later (posting the exact same message).

Obviously being accused of being a child molester and being informed I had a lot of problems and I didn’t care about people isn’t the nicest thing to say about someone. Of course, elsewhere in the comments there are other gems: “…ome asshole had the fucking nerve to say Fuck John Walsh! FUCK YOU, SHIT HEAD!!!!!!” Did I ever say “fuck john walsh”? checks Nope!

Course, I’d already corresponded with this brilliant example of humanity via email and his responses to my query of where I said what I was accused of were about as sensible.

Anyway, my response (as yet unanswered) to “Paula” was as follows (again, snipped):

Hi there Paula. If you mean me (the author of this page) when you refer to the person who hates john walsh, I’m wondering how you make the leap of someone being annoyed by the TV show to calling me a child molester or defense attorney defending child molesters? That’s pretty harsh in my opinion. Did you happen to read the original article? Maybe you just read the responses and saw people calling the original poster (that’d be me, […] most definately not a child molester, attorney, or sex offender […]) many mean things and decided to join in.

I would hope not, and you actually have a reason to insult me, because it’s not a very nice thing to be called a child molester.

That’s of course a long way of saying “learn to read, dumbass!”