Seen Around Vancouver

When I put in the temporary UFies box the other day I spent some time wandering around Vancouver and took a few pictures, which was a lot of fun and I think I got some nice shots (posted real soon now). One bus stop had a very interesting ad on it that I’m still wondering if it means what I think it means…

And a closeup on the product shot.

3 Comments on “Seen Around Vancouver”

  1. Well this is obvious. They can’t exactly put up a picture of someone’s sore genitals can they? O My flavored lubricant is a very kewl product; it comes in some very hip flavors like Swinging Strawberry Cheesecake, and Non-Fat Decaf Cappuccino.
    Now as for this individual, he might be a little stiff or sore from the pounding he received last night from his friends? Maybe he should have been using lubricant? Oh MY!
    Then again I could be wrong?

  2. Now that I look at the ad again, I think this guy was using this O. My Flavoured Lube, and that is why he has the sore neck! Note the smile on his face?