Finding the Other Half

Some things are only blindingly obvious when they are pointed out by someone else. After we got home tonight from a wonderful indian food dinner (mmmmmm…. naaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn……………… yummy!) Firefly asked if I had noticed that Patches had learned to open up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom (your typical bathroom cabinet, wood, mirrored front, three doors that swing open with tiny shelves just barely wide enough to fit a razor).

“And close it,” I said. More than once I’ve been in the bath or shower and been startled by the cabinet door suddenly closing, with nothing but a mischievious kitten around.

“I wonder why she does it?” I asked.

“To find the other half of the kitten of course.” was the (blindingly obvious) answer from Firefly. Of course, if I saw a cute fuzzy kitten looking out at me from behind a door I’d be opening it to try to find it as well.