In Which I Wish There Were More Hours In The Day

I wish there were more hours in the day. After getting up not really early this moring (due to aformentioned late night last night) my todo list was pretty full. Do (more) work on ASP project, laundry, dishes, garbage, shopping, dinner with folks, take cat to vet for follow up, not going crazy, dust the office and/or house (I’m getting so sick of dust and cat hair being over everything), etc etc etc. Some is done now, but not nearly enough, especially since it’s almost 5. I ended up going out and buying an air purifier from Canadian Tire today, and it’s humming happily along behind me. Not sure if it really fits into the “whisper” class they claim, but as long as the flying cat hair and whatnot is eliminated I’ll be happy. Firefly won’t let me shave the cats though, which I think would eliminate the problem once and for all 🙂